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"Getting It Fuc%in' Done"

Term used by inner-circle and knowledgeable fans of Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society (band) to refer to "taking action/knockin' out a job/making it happen", etc."

Zakk and his close BLS family members wear a GIFD patch on the front right side of their official Red Monkey BLS vests.

*Often used in conjunction with SDMF - Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever
Text message: "Hey bro, I'm at the BLS gig at the Hard Rock right now, the place is packed, Z & the boys are GIFD!!"
by BLSJapanChapter November 25, 2009
To be beaten-down so quickly or brutally that animated gifs immortalize the event and heavily circulate. Common in MMA fan circles, and created on Sherdog.net.
Did you see James Irvin's 8 second KO of Houston Alexander? That mofo got gif'd!
by SchoolyardChoke April 08, 2008