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Any Female GI is a GI Ho. She is typically stupider and weaker then her male counterpart and never makes it quite far. She makes up for this with her extreme violent, vigourous, sexually deviant, greasy butt sex. She never is the reciever and gladly will shove her strap on penis into every guy she meets, much to their discomfort.
I met this great girl at the bar last night she seemed so nice until I got her home. She knocked the fucked out of me and took her pants off revealing a strap on which she then slammed into my butthole. It hurt as bad as getting a schlaktus shoved in there! I guess she must've been a GI Ho
by Dr. Schlaktus March 09, 2009
a female who hangs around an army base in hopes of getting lucky.
billy couldn't help but think that the young lady he met last night at the Butt Camp Bar and Grill was just another G.I. Ho.
by rickus July 25, 2006

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