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Ghost Hunting Gang

A shitty little gang usually created by 10-11 year olds who believe that school toilets are haunted.
Jack is such a gay, he just created a GHG
by Berserker24 March 17, 2010
glory hole girl - a girl that spends numerous shifts in the glory holes
girl 1- hey where u goin?
girl 2- oh im just goin for my second shift

girl 1- you are such a GHG!
by GHG fo lyfee October 26, 2010
Stands for Group-Home-Girl. A girl who lives with 10+ other girls in a house, or group-home, because they have nowhere else to go. GHG's are often a little weird and there presence is generally not welcome.
Why are there like 12 new girls here?
Because the GHG's have arrived and are taking over the school!
by DanicaR March 31, 2011
The term for a "group-home-girl", coined at Montpelier High School. Refers to girls who are living at a group home because they have no where else to live. They are often weird, slutty, and/or obnoxious, and no one really wants them around.
-Why are there a ton of weird girls here?
-Because the GHG's have arrived
-When are they going to leave?
-I don't know, but I hope it's soon!
by 5th generation Vermonta April 02, 2011
Short for Good Hair Guy. Used when trying to describe a guy to a girl. Only applicable if this guy has AMAZING (in your opinion) hair.
Girl 1: That guy is so cool
friend: which guy?
Girl 1: The one in the green shirt
friend: alot of guys are wearing a green shirt
Girl 1: The one with the really good hair
friend: ohh GHG, yah he has a professional stylist
by Star.famous June 27, 2007
GHG (golden heart guy) also known as jai .

Look at jai being a GHG
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
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