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A genre' of Music originating in Nashville, TN.
From a white-trash ghetto on the outskirts of Music City, comes a soulful southern fusion of Blues and Rockabilly, creating a genre' of music known as...GHETTOBILLY
by GHETTOBILLY September 23, 2011
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An urban hillbilly.
Take a rambunctious boy with Hillbilly parents, raise him in white-trash ghetto, let him listen to all the Rockabilly music he wants - what do you get? "GHETTOBILLY"
by GHETTOBILLY September 23, 2011
A mildly offensive term for a poor white person living in urban areas. Like a redneck for city folks.
To see a ghetto billy in their natural habitat, observe the poor white population of Detroit.... or most of east Toledo.
by Jeremy D. September 21, 2006
An individual, male or female, who resides in a rural/country area that has ghetto tendencies/qualities. Essentially, a hillbilly that wants to be ghetto.
Leah is such a ghettobilly, doesn't she know that she lives in the boondocks?
by Nate Handlang January 13, 2006
American Chav. Likes to think he's from "Da hood" when in fact he's got a well to do family.
Me: Look at that fucking loser.
You: Must be a ghettobilly.
Ghettobilly: Fuck you say?
Me: Fuck off, Ghettobilly.
by Datliilboiovadhayrebuydacoaner September 01, 2011

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