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(G)o (G)et (F)ucked

Can be said out loud only if teachers are around. Otherwise it is quite lame to do so.
"Dude, you suck"
by DJD December 20, 2003
Go Get Fucked.
When someone really pisses you off and you want to get rid of them.
by MrFX September 30, 2010
GGF is an acronym for "Go Gay For." A game played by individuals in which they reveal which celebrities they would "go gay for." Most often played by females but also played by men as it relates to "man crushes."

see: go gay, man crush
Girl #1: Ayo, I would seriously GGF Nicki Minaj.

Girl #2: Wordddd? Me toooo!!
by ItsBarbzB September 22, 2010
(G)o (G)et (F)isted.

It's more of a joke/insult than Go Get Fucked. Primarily used in school settings.

Most often used with friends who know the difference the difference.
"I heard how you got owned in basketball yesterday."

"You know what, Kyle; GGF."
by Cum-cannon February 13, 2008
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