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An acronym which stands for: Giant Faggot, Tiny Penis. Commonly used to refer to someone who is not only acting like a faggot at the current moment, but also probably has a tiny penis.
Howie: I'm probably just gonna stay in tonight, and coordinate with Ben which pair of jorts to wear tomorrow.
David: Wow, GFTP!

Howie: Hey Dave, do you think these jorts make me look gay or in any way call attention to my very small penis?
David: As a matter of fact yes I do, you GFTP!
by Sir Snoopy May 22, 2012

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GTFP: Go For The Pash.
Dude 1: Im going to the movies with a hot bird this Saturday.

Dude 2: GFTP!!!
by mcbuttthecrimedog April 05, 2008