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Anagram of the motto of the Outlaw Biker organization:
"God Forgives, Outlaws Don't"
"He had a GFOD tattoo, so I took off my Hell's Angels colors before he could see them.."
by Chetmo August 09, 2008
(1) n. A large hairy beast originating from the murky depths of New Hampshire. Common traits include: gayness, extreme homosexuality, lack of creativity or motivation, lack of legitamacy to quit, frequent sex with men
(2) n. A multi-faceted wench to be used for personal gain
Ex1. Lets sneak out before Gfod sees us
Ex2. Take out the trash, Gfod
Ex3. Do the dishes, Gfod
Ex4. Gfod inhabits the "B" Gay Room
by Lamar Vanoy February 08, 2004
Get the F*ck Out of Dodge.
Okay, enough of this. I'm ready to gfod.
by WonkTonk May 16, 2008
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