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Go fuck my ocotopus
Why dont you just GFMO!
by Ressurect0rTehSex0r December 13, 2003
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Literally: "God Fucking My Oh"
An alternate word for "OMFG".
"Did you hear that your mom is gay?"
by Kai June 19, 2003
It means go f*** my orange. It's just like OMFG but backwards. It's an insult, really. In a way, like ktm - Kiss my teeth, or stfu - shut the f*** up. It's probrably the best insult ever invented because it overlaps every insults awesomeness.
Elle says:

You should have underaged sex, it'll be cool.

Bobby says:

Gfmo. No.
#omfg #gfmo #go #f*** #my #orange #oh #f***ing #god
by ReinMaya - Chan May 09, 2010
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