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gfl - short, and more polite than saying "GOOD FUCKING LUCK"
"do you think she'll take me back"
by thomas harding May 24, 2005
Get Fucked Loser
Oi Kristy get me some Ciggys" "Oi Robbie GFL
#chew #aids #custard donut #chode #stench trench
by LCLCLC July 27, 2011
"Grounded for Life" (abbrev).

When you've done something so irresponsible that you get "grounded" for the foreseeable future. Applies to children by their parents, but equally applies to husbands by their wives.
Mike: "Can you come out tonight?"
Eric: "Can't I'm GFL"
Mike: "What now?"
Eric: "Not sure how long “for life” means. Maybe I'll get a release for good behavior."
Mike: "Wow. She's the judge, jury, and prosecutor."
Eric: "True Dat."
#grounded #cheating #prison #wife #trouble
by Applebaum December 05, 2013
1.Goon For Life
2.As goon as a goon gets
3.Speaks using goon grammar
A:Damn she a goon. She like Plies.
B:Yeah she a GFL. She more of a goon than Plies. I thought she was Smartt but she can't speak right. She use that goon grammar
#goon #bff #gangster #gtl #plies
by KimmieSmarttGFL September 26, 2010
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