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GFB is an acronym meaning "Get Fucked Bitches"
I confronted them for talking shit and apparently that makes me a bad person... GFB
by BV-Maq February 13, 2010
Guns Fuckin' Blazing: Going out with a big-ass bang, Scarface style.
I'ma be GFB if they try to fire me for this triflin' shit.
by BJ1 December 02, 2008
Good for business: When something/someone is a positive reflection of yourself and/or your group of friends. It is very important to always put the business first, no matter what the circumstances are.
Hanging out with that hot chi phi at the library is really GFB.

Riding in the passenger seat of a Tahoe around campus is GFB.

Hanging out with a bunch of your sorostitutes at the pool is GFB.
by Cille September 01, 2011
The members of IF I HAD EYES, a very talented tech metal band from eastern connecticut, came up with this after the main guitarist' dad used it frequently during thier childhood. GFB was first used as an acronym as a way to say "fuck you" later on gfb turned into a way to say getting drunk or fucked up in any sort of a way.
" there is nothing to do today"
" why dont you gfb son!!"
by gfb member September 03, 2007
Girlfriend beaters, boys who tend to accidentally harm their girl friends and feel terrible afterwards. They are forever labelled as a GFB.
Dani: Sam accidentally elbowed me in the face yesterday and he felt so bad!
Tori: Oh! What a GFB!
by djowett September 16, 2009
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