In the military, if a live grenade landed near a group of soldiers one of them would jump on the grenade to try to save his fellow soldiers. When a guy jumps on a "grenade," it symbolizes the grenade as the ugly girl in a group of girls at a club or party. Grenade Free America is a term used by the fist-pumping douchebags on jersey shore
"dude that girl by the bar is a perfect 10, i need you to jump on the grenade to her left though"..this situation would happen if it was GFA
by jackinherbox August 29, 2010
Top Definition
Good fucking attitude. Made popular and famous by the electronica band "Blood On The Dance Floor." Used when really happy or to tell others to get a gfa.
Had such a GFA today
by valencevonvanity March 29, 2011
Stands for Grenade Free America which is a term coined by The Situation cast member of the jersey shore of the Jersey Shore. Grenade meaning an ugly or overall unattractive women, another term The Situation had coined.
We gonna be hitting the shore hopping for some GFA!!!
by F4KE Guedo4LYFE July 08, 2010
Grenade Free America. Coined on Season 2 of MTV's Jersey Shore by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Pauly D when they create a game plan to bring no grenades (The solitary ugly girl always found with a group of hotties. If the grenade doesn't get any action, then neither does anyone else. Someone in your group of friends must sacrifies himself by hooking up with the grenade in order for the rest to have a chance of having sex with the hot girls) back to the house after last season's fight, in which a "hippo" they brought home fought with Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi.
DJ Pauly D-"Me and the Situation have a game plan. There will be no grenades in Miami. 100% No Grenades"

The Sitation- It's a GFA, Grenade Free America.
by tkelawn July 07, 2010
means "Grenade Free America" used by the cast - mostly Mike and Pauly D - of Jersey Shore. used in season 2 of show when in miami and describing that they will not hook up with any grenades - ugly women - during there time there
Pauly D - "Me and Situation have a gameplan for there to be no grenades in Miami. 100% No Grenades!"

Mike - "It's a GFA, Grenade Free America."
by csharro5 July 08, 2010
Stands for Great Fucking Attitude. Found in a song by the band Blood On The Dance Floor. Can be used is a sarcastic way as well as in an honest way.
Oh him? Yea he's awesome. He has such a G.F.A
(or sarcastic)

That bitch? woowww G.F.A.......
by HellKittenofSparta May 15, 2011
GFA: An abbreviation for "Good from Afar", used to describe a girl who is thought to be good looking from far away, but when seen closer is not attractive at all
Man, she was a real GFA, I hope her future husband proposes at a distance
by JIMHAWKINS1 August 06, 2008
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