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G.E.T.B.a.C aka the "Gay Enet Thug Boyz Crew"

GETBaC is an orginization run by mostly "Black Gay Thugs". (although there are some white, female and tranny members as well), thier members are located all around the world and come from all walks of life.

GETBaC members run sites like Youtube and troll random accounts looking for *closet case homos* so they can help pull men out and assist them in finding thier true inner gayness and embrace it.

GETBaC members are also very talented and are known to write sexy and humorous GETBaC songs!
You can tell a niqqaz gay, by tha way he eatz a hot dog!!

Gay thuggin is the REAL thuggin knowhatimsayin?
if ya aint Gay thuggin, niqqa youz playin!!

GETBaC 4 Lyfe
by Gangstaliciousthug September 10, 2010
G.E.T.B.a.C aka the "Gay Enet Thug Boyz Crew" are known as the Black Gay Thugs and are a Enet Crew. They are homos (although there are some white, female and tranny members as well) and live on YouTube. Similar to UTTP and TFCP (TheFunCartoonPolice), it was based on VGCP or maybe the UTVSAP/TSAP (YouTube Groups).......

knowhatimsayin? youz playin' nigga

yall give sum hawt dawgs yeahhhhh

give me extra mayo...M.mmmmmmmMmmMmmm mmmM mmMmmmMMMMmMM
Yall eat hawt dawgs; u need summm

GETBaC Forever

First warnin; yall good sheyat bro

man thiz iz goodd sheyat'

oh my gawdddd yall ate a hawt dawg
buy me da gweat teddie bear u eva heard yall eat a living hawt dawg
by PrincessCuppyCakes May 17, 2013
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