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An internet meme originating from the popular computer game Team Fortress 2. A common source of "epic lulz", and slightly less epic lung cancer.

It is also accompanied by a monthly holiday, "GENTLEMEN Day", which occurs on the fifth of every month (especially June 5th). It has also achieved a bit of fame via Tom Green Live.

2. "I was wondering if you could do maybe a favour for me. Could you grab the pencils from the cup in front of you and say the word, 'GENTLEMEN'?"


by Aaron Fox. July 29, 2008
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a way to let everyone know that what comes next will make you shit your pants. It is an attention grabber, and it shows that the shit has just hit the fan.
who is that guy? Gentlemen, Wade garrett! Holy shit! Exactly right!
by captain poopypants November 27, 2004
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The word a Warrant Officer uses to talk down to those that are in a lower ranked position.
Alec Blunder: "Gentlemen, get outside NOW!"
Cadets: (What a prick. Worst CWO ever.)
by PBhachu April 07, 2017
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homeboys that you get fucked up with
yo me and the gentlemen are gonna rip mad joints this weekend
by Patty Pat Pat McPat Pat June 03, 2006
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