A great looking girl.(or girl for that matter) that gives herself up sexually very easily... ie "So easy a caveman can do it"
Guy1: Wow we shall call her Geico.
Guy2: Whys that?
Guy1: Cause she is so easy a caveman can do it!
by Scooter27 October 06, 2008
Bammer insurance!
Geico...so easy, Dirk Nowitzki can do it!
by 666BF January 06, 2010
a girl that is so easy that a caveman can do it. Alex McCoy
that girl is geico. Damn look at that girl over there she is definatley geico
by abcd1234efgh5678 May 26, 2010
A gun.
"I don't need insurance, cause my pocket hold a Geico."
by themr916 April 15, 2009
The insurance company responsible for making those unfunny advertisements.
Fuck! Not another Geico ad.
by ~JoeS January 25, 2015
A girl that is slutty/easy
That girl is geico. Shes so easy, a caveman could do her.
by MGordn65 August 02, 2008
a drink made of Southern Comfort and RockStare energy drink
Hot Bar Tender: What can I get you?
Bar Patron: Yes, can I have a Geico
Hot Bar Tender: Wow, your cool!
by GeicoLover July 15, 2008

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