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Pronounced gee-bo. Acronym for Gender/Expression/Behavior/Orientation. Refers to someone's ever-evolving spectrum of gender and sexuality. Especially popular in queer circles. It acknowledges that most people do not exist in just the boxes of girl/boy or gay/straight or top/bottom and frees up the discussion to include their pronoun preferences, their gender presentation, their sex style and what kind of bodies they generally like to have sex with.
Homie 1: "Hey, I'm dating someone new"
Homie2: "Oh cool, what's their GEBO like?"
Homie 1: "She uses she pronouns and she's this rad femme / dom /gay/ poly kinda person and I want her to tie me up.


Pick up line: "Hey shawty, you kinda cute, tell me 'bout your GEBO."


"I mean, I know there are lots of queer folks on Okcupid but I just haven't found anyone with the right GEBO for me."
by giddybombs January 11, 2013
a punk ass cheater. sexy. good kisser. addicted to adventure. liar. stealer. lover. fighter. good in bed.
:] nickname for gebo: gazelle
by zee-brah. November 27, 2008
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