Grievous Bodily Odour - Much like B.O, just more potent
Shit man, we should press charges against James on grounds of GBO. He smells like ass...
by CaptainStripe February 16, 2010
Top Definition
"Get Banged On"
To get banged on, get modded, get fired upon, get blasted, get owned, powned, losing in the game of life. When some gets denied or made fun of, put on blast it is always great to put it back in there face and remind them of there failures. This is a bro word but we welcome the world to use it. If u use this word u will def become a king boss of your bro community spread the word or get mutha Fucken banged!!!
Jim:Hey Tom how's that slam peice(girl\whore) doing.
Tom: she slept with my room mate
Jim:GBO haha

Johan: ay bro how us living with your mom? Get banged on!!

Douchbag: hey what up girl can I buy u a drink?
Slam piece: fuck off tool
Bro king: GBO
by Boss Bro August 18, 2011
Gang Bang Orgy. A really big orgy where there are numberous people involved in sucking, fucking, tickling, licking, and pursuing in other acts of sexual activities all in the same room.
Jason: "Hey Matt, what's goin on tonight buddy?"
Matt: "Me you Benny David Arash and Faraz and gonna have a GBO with those 6 Latinas from the whore house in Mexico."
by Matthew Raan October 04, 2006
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