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what you would call some1 named aj when they are being a "gooch"!!!
This term originated from AJ Liberio
"aj"...more like "GAYJ"
by Jordan/Josh/Adam/Jon February 25, 2005
49 18
when someone gets bullied out of numerous schools, because they are too sensitive accompanied by a mangina.
Wyatt punished the kid with a gold chain and pierced ear because he was a gayj
by Keelzizcool August 07, 2009
4 1
a marijuana joint rolled by a gay.
gay j = gay joint
by sanFransiscocastrodistrict January 19, 2010
4 2
a kid who works in the dining hall in Boston University who looks exactly like the real AJ
gayj just served me curly fries... what a queer
by M..M May 04, 2008
4 4