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a person who has no faith in a normal or "straight" life once they have encountered the wonderful world of cock. After all of their time is dedicated to the penis, they are far to weak to carry on with any other aspect of life.
"I'm sorry guys, i can't go with you. im far to weak because I've been up all night worshiping other men's peters. I have the gay sickness!"
-Rocky Marcum
by GilBREATH January 17, 2004
15 29

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A person who is so homosexual that it reduces their ability to function in everyday life. The person is often to "weak" or "sissy" to participate with peers. This "sickness is also contagious as others get sick because of how gay they are.
rocky marcum is the OUTBREAK MONKEY of all gay leperacy
by david bridgeman January 15, 2004
16 32