Twice as good as g2g, which means good to go.
Used when pertaining to an exceptionally good deal or an exceptionally good person.
"So, did you get a good deal on that HDTV or what?"

"No. I got a sweet deal. That clearance sale was g4g."
by elemkay May 20, 2008
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Top Definition
go for gold.
1) a phrase used to encourage/give kudos to a plan or action mentioned by a friend or family member.
2) a phrase used to express mere sarcasm towards a basic idea mentioned by someone else, no matter how mundane it could be..
1) family member: "OMG I JUST WON THE LOTTERY!"

you: "no way!! G4G nana!"


friend: "should i buy the red shoes?"

you: "i say, just g4g =)"

2) friend: "just going to the loo's"

you: "g4g =|"
by takethatfanforlife June 17, 2009

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