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A toy presented on the first episode of Family Guy (Death Has A Shadow).
MR. WEED:"How are you coming, Jhonson?"
JHONSON:"Well Mr. Weed, I've been working on the new G.I. Jew line. And as you can see, they look great."
TOY:"You call these bagels?"
JHONSON:"Whoa, I'm glad he's on our side!"
by Zaid (Yes it's me) November 24, 2005
a hebrew soldier, a brave man who defends his freinds and family.
Arik: Look at him!
Ehood: Who? the n00b or the G.I.Jew?
by Jared Yoav August 11, 2005
The Hebrew Soldier, The Jew Who Defends His Land.
Arik Sharon was once a G.I.Jew, But Now He is A Ass.
by Jared ApplBomb August 04, 2005
the hebrew soldier, the one who defends his land and country.
Ehud Barak was once a G.I.Jew but now he is a loser.
by Jared ApplBomb August 05, 2005
A present/toy, often received by Nazi children. Gi Jew is often accompanied by an Easy Bake Oven.
That Nazi boy is bound to put Gi Jew in that Easy Bake Oven.
by Niiiiicccckkkk January 05, 2012
a large man (with an even larger nose) with a muscular stature of the hebrew decent.
1- wow! look at that rabbi, hes jacked!

2- fuck man! thats one helluva G.I. JEW!!!
by J.Bunda December 23, 2007
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