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To G-rahn is to fall asleep or pass out in any seating while watching television. This can be intentional or unintentional and the choice will more likely be to stay in the seat than to choose a more preferrable location, such as a bed.
Kiran woke up after g-rahning on the couch, saw the movie still playing, then, rather than going to bed, went back to g-rahning
by Grand Marshall 50 Florins January 10, 2010
A name that you call someone if you think they are fat and ugly and are the most stupid person you know. mostly used if the person your talking about is there so he dont know your talking about him. or just a way to insult him. can also mean a guy that never goes to school.
god man dont be such a Grahn!
by allan_brallan February 11, 2010
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