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1. Religious symbol that roams the countryside with his disciples spreading the philosphy that is F yee.
"Will the real G-Zus please stand up?"
by F yee April 08, 2003
a gangsta of all traits associated with a group of "Vandalz", who resides somewhere in the east coast and goes by various other names. very little is known about gzus, but that he has family ties to the Dominican Republic and Washington Heights, NYC.
KID>That kid has a gzus swagger to him.

KID2> yeah right, no1 can be like gzus!
by AGENT0019 November 08, 2006
The most illingest B-Boy of them all who gets all the bitches
"Yo G-Zus, Wuz Crackin'?"
"Nuttin' Much, Dawg"
by G-Zus July 31, 2004
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