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you say the g-word instead of gay, because for some reason, gay guys don't like it when you use gay and they'll say gay slurs to you which you probably won't understand because you're straight.
Straight Frank: Man, Justin Timberlake is such a gay.
Gay Joey: OMG, I can't believe you just said the g-word you silly girl, now you must be punished, ahah!
by franksinatra November 19, 2006
A word meaning cool
Jessica : Did you see hollyoaks ?
Kerray: Yer its such a G-word
by 09todsoul October 16, 2009
A couple of Gs - Gs unless you've had to live it.
An R and an E, even I am careful with it,
An I and an N in the end it will only offend,
Don't want to have to spell it out again.

Fucking with the G-word is just not on.
by gfysivxqq November 27, 2010
Used in place of the word "God" when uttering phrases containing said word.

Coined by myself during my childhood for comedic use. I always felt saying "Oh my gosh!" sounded too... goody two-shoes.
I figure I created it based on the term "F-word" as a substitute for the expletive, "F**k".
Oh my G-word! ... What in G-word's name are ya doin'!?!?
by xepha March 24, 2011
g-word stands for garlic. Used instead of garlic where one does not wish to summon its followers.
I looked at my friend bob and asked if he'd like to eat some 'g-word', I didn't say garlic because I didn't want to be attacked by garlicists.
by Walking Talking Dictionary October 17, 2006