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Short hand for the worlds largest retailer of video games. Game Stop or G-Stop, or G-Stizzle or even Gizzle-Stizzle is easily the best places to pick up video games because unlike some 24 hour mega stores (I'm not gonna say any names but I'm thinking of a store whose name rhymes with ball-fart), the employees are actually hired based on game knowledge instead of being bounced from the meat department for cutting off their pinky.
Man 1: Where'd you go to pick up this game?
Man 2: Well first I went to an electronics store and some dude kept trying to sell me a paper shredder so I left and went to G-Stop, and the people there where actually informative and knowledgeable. I was able to pick up a used copy for much cheaper then a new one and when I finish it I'm going to pick up that new game that’s about to come out.
by I got you back September 12, 2009
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