G-mac means Gangster mac. Its an ill word to throw down your homeboy. Showin dat he gangster big time.
Dude u be throwin dat shizzle heat all ova da corna u a true G-Mac
by My NgUyen AkA Fo ReAlz February 28, 2005
Top Definition
Chill out or calm down (in a gangster way)
"Qwan u otta G-Mack breh, 'fo u stole off on that nigga"
by Rocko Skarphone 2 March 25, 2009
a term used in brooklyn, new york (created in James Madison High) which means basically "to chill" ~KadoLoso~.
Speaker 1: James Madison High School is boring right?

Speaker 2: G-Mac my nigga! your bugging madison is live!
by KadoLoso March 26, 2010
syracuse point guard Gerry McNamera
.. And G-MAC hits the three with .5 seconds left to put syracuse on top!
by kirk vassallo March 23, 2006
Named after the short but tenacious Syracuse point guard Gerry McNamara, a GMac is any inprobable clutch or momentous action a person pulls off, usually at the last second.
I can't believe Tom pulled that test grade out of his ass -- that was a total GMac.
by tmck1352 December 11, 2006
a gaysha person who wishes he was chris brown. has a chode, has small arms, and has no game at all. only gets guys, not girls. gives blumpkins, and loves to give an alabama hot pocket.
yo look, its gmac
by gaysha123456789 March 31, 2010
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