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A person who lives in a lower middle class suburb who has criminally, socially or morally corrupt parents that don't hesitate to buy anything for their child. This person or G Sta will act like they have had a tough oppressed childhood and in many ways project the image that they grew up in a ghetto of some sort. These people are what an objective person would call "deranged" or what a subjective person would call a "douche", "loser" or "cunt"
Normal individual #1: "Hey man did you see that G Sta drive passed in the 30 grand commodore his dead beat father bought for him?"

Normal individual #2: "Yeh what a douche, he's always complaining about how tough life is on the streets"
by Craig2314 April 25, 2007
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Short way of writing "gangsta".
"Sup G-sta."

"Nothin', jus' keepin' it real fo' sheezy my neezy."
by lunchbox August 24, 2003
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Great Suckers Thinking Alike-used for friends or buddies or a couple who share same values and interests or love same things and don't take themselves too seriously.
You can call your personall partner or in any sport "A member of the GSTA crew/team". Or if you climb Mt Kilimanjaro you can make t-shirts for all of your climbing friends with the logo "GSTA". Or if you play soccer or participate in a rowing competition you can call your team "GSTA".
by LittleVH October 11, 2011
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