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G Ho is the street name of Garden Home Recreation Center, located at the most white suburb wanna be gangster west edge of Portland (P-town), bordering Beaverton (Beavertron, the Tron).

Since its on the border of Beavertron and P-town, Beavertron cops don't roll through, and P-town cops don't realize that G Ho is still P-town, leaving G Ho a no-mans land of straight up danger and ghetto gang banging, pee wee soccer, and kids after school clubs.

"To G Ho" may be used as a verb, meaning to go to Garden Home Rec Center to meet up with friends to play basketball, soccer, other sports, or smoke crystal meth. "To be G Ho" can also be used to identify an individual living within the boundaries of the G Ho area who embodies the G Ho culture.

G Ho proper has prominent neighbors such as Lamb's Thriftway, Shell, Dairy Queen, 7-11, and Shari's Restaurant.

The true G Ho area boundaries are commonly considered SW Scholls Ferry Rd to the west, the Vermont St intersection to the north, Taylors Ferry Rd to the south, and Multnomah Village to the east. Those to the east of the Beavertron School District line are less legit and should seldom be trusted.
Man1 was passing through G Ho when he saw Man2 on the sidewalk being the G Ho thug that he is.

"Hey lets G Ho at 4:20"
"Sweet, I'll call the G Ho crew and bring a ball"

1-"I live near Garden Home"
2-"You mean G Ho? What school district are you in?"
2-"I dunno if you're G Ho"

"You Can't spell Ghetto without G Ho"
by TurboCandyman May 10, 2009
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Gay Hotel Orgy. Common acronym on chat sites.
I'm hosting a wild bareback GHO on the weekend, you should turn up.
by itsnotup2u May 10, 2007
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1. A gangster's prostitute

2. A $1,000 prostitute

3. An endearing prositiute
1. Mac daddy got hisself a g ho.

2. Chit, mang, you cain't afford dat g ho.

3. I luvded you, g ho! I luvded you!
by Fish Head 2008 November 29, 2008
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Graduate Hospital area of Phildelphia. A melting pot of hipsters and crack dealers, urban visionaries and bullet proof Chinese take out joints...
You my cousing just paid $500,000 for a shelled out rowhome in G-Ho...he lives next to crack dealer! But his house is already worth $600,000 and he's only lived there for a month!
by zur July 27, 2006
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A gay-ho.
He's kissed three guys? What a gho!
by Rushmore June 13, 2004
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by Taku October 07, 2003
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Normal vaginal discharge. Either usual discharge or the result of sexual arousal. Pronounced like "go" with a breathier 'g.'

Contrast with cum.
"My panties are just soaked with gho."

"Man, there was so much gho, it was like a slip-n-slide down there."
by Meebles March 04, 2017
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