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An abbreviation for the social networking site Google+.
Joe: My fb account is filled with a bunch of high school friends I don't care about anymore.

Joe+: Glad I can start my life over again with a G+ account.
by like a g+ July 02, 2011
Any undertaking that is ambitious, expensive and carefully planned, but still trying too hard, late to the party, and pretty much doomed to fail.

Used in the same way as "that's so G", as in "that's so G+"
Hey guys, remember Google Buzz? That was so G+
by OccamsBattleAxe July 14, 2011
Google+ or "G+" is google's social networking site launched in June of 2011.
Dude, we're such hipsters, we were on G+ before any of our friends.
by See Jay June 29, 2011
Google+ (pronounced Google plus)
me: Are you on G+?
my friend: If your not you rot!
me: Did you just make that up?
my friend: Yep.
me: That was pretty lame.
my friend: I know. It sounded better in my head.
me: Nice try. It fucking rocks though!
my friend: Yeah it does!
by JGuy The Great! July 15, 2011

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