Abbreviation for "Greek System"; the streets at a college/university in which all of the Fraternity and Sorority houses are located.
I just saw this Bangin Sorostitute walking around the GS.

I wish the Intramurals building was located closer to the GS
#greek life #college #fraternity #sorority #greek row
by WAFratdaddy September 22, 2011
Top Definition
Good Samaritan
abby held the door for marsella, shes such a GS!
#gs #samaratin #good #bs #sameratin
by GS4life June 01, 2011
Money from Grands or thousands.
A hundered G's = $100.000
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
G's are Gangstas,Listen to Snoop Dogg or Dr.Dre,N.W.A,Ice Cube,
'Aint Nuthin but a G Thang' by Snoop Dogg
by Brad June 01, 2004
golden shower, when one person urinates on another for sexual pleasure.
r.kelly gave that little ho a g.s.
by pisser December 07, 2003
G.S. is short for gag session. A gag session is when you choke a bitch with your cock while receiving some aggressive fellatio.
I'm in need of a good G.S.

Bitch, come over here and give daddy a G.S.

Helen provides an amazing gag session.
#chickenhead #blow job #gag session #deep throat #gs
by Bob the MF Builder February 26, 2014
Means "good shot", a common way of complimenting your opponent when they make a good shot in pool or billiards. Used frequently in online pool and billiards games.
random guy: gs
Justaplayer: thanks
#pool #billiards #mousebreaker #asl #frozen
by hong the arsenal fan January 22, 2011
Good Shit, as in something really good.
"You coming over?" "Ye!" "GS!"
by KnepMig April 14, 2016
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