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Fybae /(N),
O.E Fyba, Fie-Buh, Fie-Ba, Fie-bay, Foiba, Fiber, Fa-ba, Fie-bbbea
-A characteristic in which emotes qualities of Alpha like swagger and upmost dignity.
Exhibit A:
-Hey I just finished banging Jessica Biel.
-Now that's fybae Johnny.

Exhibit B:
-Here Tina, here Paul, oh... Dan I forgot your coffee, sorry man I ain't got no fybae today.

Famous people in possession of fybae:
•Samuel L. Jackson
•Sylvester Stallone
•Jerry Seinfeld & Kramer
•Lewis Black
•Rick Ross

People lacking fybae:
•Drunk drivers, bad drivers, female drivers following their stereotype
George W. Bush
•Coffee drinkers who don't chew gum afterword
•People who use bad weather as an excuse not to go to the gym.
by DanDemand August 01, 2011
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