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To put something belonging to another person down your pants and underwear and brush it against your private areas and buttocks and then hand it back to that person.
I fwoomped my buddy's cell phone and then handed it back to him.
by IcedEarthaholic January 22, 2013
The easily recognizable noise made by the noob tube (M203 rifle mounted grenade launcher) in COD 4. It can be replicated by sticking your thumb in a snug tube and removing it quickly.
SO I was upstairs about to snipe that guy behind the bus and then i just heard that fwoomp and I was down. fucking noobs cant even shoot a real gun.
by the slowest noob May 14, 2009
The sound made when something becomes stuck in something else.
A cat gets sucked into a vacuum hose which makes a loud fwoomp!

I punched him in the face and my hand got stuck in his mangled jaw, making a loud fwoomp!
by Scarfy 2.0 October 06, 2008
The sound made by a tuba player blowing medium short notes.
Staccato is "oomp"; accented or slightly longer quarter note, "fwoomp."
by 2manyhorns September 27, 2005
The sound effect made when a male penatrates a female. Commonly used by spectators of an erotic act displayed on film.
*porno music*
Rich C-mn: "Yeah baby, take it"
Crystal Chandelier: "Yeah yeah, give it to me!"
h4x0r: "Fwoomp!"
by ReZeroX November 13, 2003
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