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A highly attractive woman.
"Natalie is looking fwooftastic today"
by Joe Doherty May 13, 2007
A large thin piece of blye fleecy material (can be purchased from IKEA) used to snuggle into on chilly winter days.
"Mum, I'm cold, will you pass me the fwoof?"
by Harriet---x November 16, 2006
The noise made during kinky sex where someone slaps a female's vagina with a pillow.
She came all over the pillow when I fwoofed her.
by elli February 26, 2006
a hot ass bitch, fine ho, sexy dame
Ed: hey look at shawfawnda!
derrick: mmmmm.... She's fwoofin!
by derbear muhfuh January 07, 2008