The best way to describe how you feel after the "Green Fuzz" hits your system.
Guy: "Hey dude, are you okay?"
Fuzzed Up Guy: "I'm pretty fuzzed up"
by -hi- December 06, 2009
Top Definition
1. When you pass out on a friends shag rug that is still shedding and wake up the next day covered in fuzz from the rug.

2. When you wake up and you are covered in fuzz to create the appearance you got gang banged by some teletubbies all night.
Batman: Whoa, I dont remember much after that 7th irish car bomb... I think I passed out on this rug.
Cornbread: Dude, you got pretty fuzzed up.
Batman: Word?
Cornbread: Word.
by grnge4evr March 29, 2011
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