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An answer to when people are talking shit.
A way to let people around you know your the fucking man.
A way to let someone know that you agree
Yelled out loud alone is a statement towards your machismo
" Did you see that same-cup, FUXWIDIT"
"You talking shit? FUXWIDIT"
"Damn thats a fat ass! I'd FUXWIDIT"
"That is some nasty beer, i aint fuxinwidit"
"Where's the blunt at, trying to fuxwidit"
#fuxwitit #nawth #fuxinwidit #do-somthing #fuxwiditclicc
by Ian Fuxwidit C March 15, 2010
adjective (adj.) - The act of acknowledging a proposition; especially when accepting another's opinion on a topic or idea, both physically attainable and mentally conceivable.
-"You down to go eat at Floriano's Mexican Restaurant?"
-"Yeah, I fuxwidit!"

"This snapback would make this outfit look dope, I fuxwidit!"
#fxwdt #fuxwithit #fucks with it #fuckwitit #fuxwitit
by LostStarQ August 14, 2013
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