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Also known as FBLA. It is part of FBLA-PBL, the largest and most well known business oriented career and technical organization in the world. It has spawned several impersonators including both DECA and BPA. However, FBLA is the original and the badest of badass organizations. FBLA has been helping the March of Dimes Foundation for several years and is continuing to save the lives of babies every day. It offers students the ability to gain real world leadership skills while still in school. Conferences consist of several highly competitive events all relating to the business field. It consists of 4 levels within it:

Middle Level- for middle school/junior high

FBLA- High school level (also the largest level)

PBL- collegiate level

Professional Level- level for Business professionals and supporters of FBLA.
Student 1: "Hey man, how do you have such strong connections with people from all over the world?"

Student 2: "It was easy. I just joined the Future Business Leaders of America"
by IllinoisFBLAPres June 27, 2010
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A derisive term for WASPy young privileged white people in their 20s and early 30s, generally wealthy and Republican. Oftentimes finance bros.
A: Let's go to that cool bar in Williamsburg tonight.

B: Nah, on weekends it's full of Future Business Leaders of America.
by Gregoryg June 04, 2016
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