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A more extreme way to ask, "Are you serious?"
Guy says, "Dude, I gotta confess, I slept with your wife on your honey moon." other guy says, "Are you furserious?!? I fucked your girlfriend Emily when you were in the Air Force."
by Yourmum96 December 14, 2010
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Ferserious is a two word add-on. The Fer is added to mean the following statement "you are more then fucking serious" so therefore would be FURSERIOUS, used instead of saying I'm Fucking Serious
John says: that cant be right bob i don't believe you!

Bob says: "Furserious" that's that!
by Kyle Danger April 06, 2010
"For Real" and "Are you serious?!" This word is for extreme situations in which the individual is is either extremely surprised or taken aback-in a positive or negative way.
"Are you furserious?! I cannot believe she did that!"
by BellaJete' May 15, 2009

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