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Guy code for hot and sexy. More beautiful then most. Girl who has looks that make you want to tap that. Female rated 8 - 10. Fur is the female and bound is the action to be taken. Bound to get her. Code that can be said in close proximity to female because she has no clue what the hell you are talking about.
Example 1
Girl walks by...
Guy 1 says to Guy 2 (as she is passing): " furbound!"

Guy 2 replies: "Indeed!"

Example 2
Girl walks by...
Guys 1 is not wearing the glasses he should be wearing (as girl walks by): "Furbound?"
Guy 2 : " Dude... Furneve. Go get your glasses!"

Example 3
Group of girls walk by...
From left to right: Girl one is hot (10). Girl two is kinda hot(6). Girl three is not hot (1). Girl four is hot(9).
Guy 1 (as they walk by) : "Furbound, Furpos, Furneve, Furbound!"

Guy 2: Ill take girl one, you take girl four, let drunk tommy take girl two.
by MoPete November 19, 2010
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