the dankest weed youll ever smoke in your whole life for dam shore. only found in jedburg south carolina, youll be so high you shit your pants
i had to pay $100 an 8th for some funky monkey, but it sure was worth it
by bigDonkeyDick <=====3 September 24, 2009
When you take a guy you turn him upside down and lick his whole body.
One day we were feeling horny and i gave him the Funky Monkey.
by UrBaN MoNkEy March 05, 2008
1) A Monkey that likes to dance, jive and play.....(often with himself)
2) Another term for a penis
3) A second term for getting some luvin
1) "Wow look at that Funky Monkey go!!"
2) "Dude, my monkey is feeling rather funky.."
3) "funk with my monkey!"
by Liam again June 21, 2006
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