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the dankest weed youll ever smoke in your whole life for dam shore. only found in jedburg south carolina, youll be so high you shit your pants
i had to pay $100 an 8th for some funky monkey, but it sure was worth it
by bigDonkeyDick <=====3 September 24, 2009
6 16
The mixing of small amounts of left over alchohol to form a strong drink.
After the big party we made a funky monkey with the leftover booze.
by Chelc June 18, 2004
29 16
a woman's pussy that smell bad.
when she pulled down her panties,i could smell her funky monkey,i then said can we just cuddle.
by domino66 November 19, 2010
16 10
Stinky unwashed vagina. With labia so big it reminds the viewer of a Chimpanzee's lips.
"I started going down on her until I saw then smelled her funky monkey!"

"She's beautiful, but I heard she has a funky monkey!"
by Nauj73 February 16, 2014
1 0
a mildy sarcastic answer to a persons weird or uncomfortable statement, usually when there is nothing else to be said. when you dont want to be obviously mean but also need that topic of the conversation to cease immediately with minimal awkwardness.
You invite your new boyfriend over to meet the parents and he just returns from the bathroom.
Boyfriend: I just took a shit and it burned and i had to wipe like 20 times to get clean!
Your mom: ...
You: um,..funky monkey! Sooo did Joella call you about carpooling?
by thebigtuft November 18, 2011
5 6
When you take a guy you turn him upside down and lick his whole body.
One day we were feeling horny and i gave him the Funky Monkey.
by UrBaN MoNkEy March 05, 2008
16 18
Nasty sexual act in which you lube a banana with caramel sauce, stick it up your partner's asshole, then have them squeeze it back out while you eat the banana. Yummies!
I've been tossing my girl's salad for my girl for years, so we decided to kick it up a notch and try the Funky Monkey.
by billclay October 06, 2009
15 24