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When a pilot and/or copilot kills themselves and a bunch of innocent people by deliberately crashing the plane they're supposed to be flying.
Did you hear about the latest aerocide? This one was in Europe - 150 dead.
by billclay March 29, 2015
The Fromage du Jour is a great way to show that special lady how you feel about her...

1) Just before you leave for work, squeeze some nasty, cheesy pus from a crotch zit. Toe cheese may be substituted for the pus if necessary
2) Mash it up good between your fingers to release the fine odor of cheese
3) Rub it inside your woman's nostril while she is sleeping and go to work

Now she will be able to enjoy that delicious fromage all day long!
My wife's been bitching me out about how she never sees me anymore because I work so much, so to make up for it, I gave her the Fromage du Jour this morning...
by billclay October 07, 2009
Nasty sexual act in which you lube a banana with caramel sauce, stick it up your partner's asshole, then have them squeeze it back out while you eat the banana. Yummies!
I've been tossing my girl's salad for my girl for years, so we decided to kick it up a notch and try the Funky Monkey.
by billclay October 06, 2009

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