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A funkathon is the naughties version of a house 'disco' which lasts longer than 24 hours.

Funkathons differ from house parties in the following ways:

*Much more alcohol
*The attendance of many many people you barely know
*Very loud and non-stop music
*Smokey perfumed atmosphere
*Sex in odd places
*More than 24 hours of non-stop partying
"Hey man, what was the funkathon at Adams house like?"

"Um, someone tattoed 'you had a great time with Janine and Tara' onto my ass - but I can't remember who they are, or where my ass is."
by Adam Luttman November 25, 2004
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this is when a group of people take funky fat hack pack child porn junky monkey and just start to beat him down and watch his hilarious fighting antics
L-dizzle "Arite, when he comes out of the room, lets have a funk-a-thon"

G-money "Ok lets tron that packer"
by G-money November 11, 2004

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