Extremely hungry, originates from fucking hungry
Goddamn I'm fungry.
by Jessica S. March 27, 2003
Fungry is when you are past Hangry and you are Fucken Hungry!

Starving and you are going to kill someone if you dont get food!
I am so past Hangry I am Fungry seriously I need food now!
#angry #hungry #starving #fuck #food
by Dan Sekowski May 21, 2008
Fucking hungry. Used to exaggerate feelings of hunger. Similar to fugly.
"Holy crap, I'm so fungry!"
#hungry #fuck #fugly #fantastic #fabulous
by abcdebird April 14, 2008
Fruit-hungry. When one is only hungry for fruit, since he/she already had a (large) meal.
Guy 1: You up to getting some pizza mate?
Guy 2: Nah bro, I'm only fungry; I had heaps lunch at burgerfuel today.
#frungry #fungry #hungry #food #fruit
by burgerfuel-lover April 26, 2010
adjective meaning really fucking hungry. im talking forreals hunger
"dude man, im so fungry i could eat a whole hipster!"
#hunger #starvation #hipster #dude #forreals
by Jane and Sophie January 01, 2010
Term used to describe the act of indulging in snacks post toke up
Want to get fungry after class?
#marijuana #dope #word #fun #hungry
by Michael Hovis April 13, 2008
when you are very hungry, "fucking hungry"..kind of taken from the form of "fucking ugly" fugly
damn i am soo fungry right now!!
by marissa October 21, 2004
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