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The male equivalent to calling a woman a cunt.
"Dylan "Hot Fire" Shearz was bogarting all my gay cheerios. He can be such a fungdark sometimes."
by DerpClifford April 06, 2007
Someone who acts like an idiot, is extremly annoying and/or stupid.

Can also be used as an adverb when someone or something is doing an action in a Fungdark way.

Also used as the opposite of the word "Cunt"

ORIGIN: 30 Rock; The "C" Word

OMG, stop being a Fungdark.

That's acting fungdarkingly annoying.

That's fungdarkish.
by jamali October 18, 2007
A fun stupid word...
you can use it for anything pretty much
You fungdark!
by Courtxox February 27, 2009

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