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(adj.) A word describing your fun activities, such as sex. You're somewhere in the middle of mildly and incredibly uncomfortable.
"Dear god, Mikey. Danielle was so fucking amazing in bed last night, but I was so funcomfortable that my left leg fell asleep."
by ThethetheNicky March 08, 2009
A situation that's both fun and uncomfortable.
That fight between my ex-girlfriend and my current girlfriend was funcomfortable.
by maggiemae82 May 07, 2009
a state in which one experiences the enjoyment of a moment, and at the same time, the resulting discomfort of that moment.
While making sweet love to Melanie, her father walked in, leaving Percival with a funcomfortable explanation to her father and to his friends the next day.
by ?! ... July 16, 2011
when you ride 3 tight in a single cab truck with your friends
Well, this is funcomfortable.
by Jbw08a May 02, 2011
When, in a situation where you would normally be physically, socially, or otherwise uncomfortable, you do not feel the discomfort because you are enjoying yourself too much to care.
Roy was sitting on a spiked rock in the freezing cold, along with 20 other sweaty and smelly campers, singing out of tune at the top of their lungs, and was nothing less than funcomfortable since he was having such a good time.
by tim_finnegan November 04, 2010
(Adj) 1. Humorous feelings of embarrassment, disquiet or funease evoked in the viewers of certain situational comedy types.

(Adv) Funcomfortably
Whoa, that weird Zach Galifianakis - Michael Cera man on man tickle fight video was funcomfortable.
by sectio divina March 18, 2010
Noun. when a situation is both funny and uncomfortable at the same time.
When my new girlfriend called my old one a slut, it was a little funcomfortable.
by Mr. Avg Normal May 10, 2009

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