Very nice bubbles of fun known as boobies. Funbags are found on the chest of female bodies and have a pink circle on the center of them. The pink circle is known as nipples another amazing thing along with funbags. There are many uses of funbags too
1. Grabbing. you can grab them and squeeze, toss them from side to side or just rub them!
2. Licking. You can lick them to make the female more and more horny. This way youll be able to have even more fun with the "Vagina"
3. Sucking. Its incredible, when you suck on them sometime you will get a refreshing drink of milk, or you can do this to more pleasure the female.
4. Facial! When your time comes, you can use your "Penis" or "Disco Stick" and put it between the two funbags to give your female an awesome orgasmic facial!
5. Pillow. After a very bouncy night with your female, you can rest your head between or ontop of the funbags for a nice warm pillow. I would do this while the female is naked for a even more comforting pillow.
6. Territory Marking. If you are ever hanging out with some friends and some other guys or females begin looking at your female. Go behind her and hug her with both hands on each funbag. Don't forget to squeeze and now your territory is marked.
7. Biting. If you bite the nipple of the funbag lightly, The female will get more aroused and wet for you when your time comes.
8. Twisting. If you twist the nipple of the funbag it will endure the same effect as biting
1.When Jimmy got thirsty he grabbed some funbags and drank some milk
2."You like it when I bite your funbags?" said Armontti. "Ohhh yes, im so wet" Said the female
3."This is my turf bitches" said Cody as he squeezed the females funbags
4."These funbags are comfy...Zzzz" Said Cody
by Docter Philz August 06, 2013
Top Definition
Slang word for womens breast. Such as tits, boobies, hotters and so on.
Guy1: Look at the fun bags on that girl.

Guy2: Yeah she as such huge breat.
by Freak Show April 10, 2006
Bags in which you pack entertainment items to be used on long trips. They frequently contain reading material, CDs, magnetic chess boards, and mad libs.
Sister: Mom! Jimmy's messing around with my fun bags again.

Mom: Jimmy, play with your own stuff, or I'll have to come back there!
by fully dressed lunch September 22, 2006
1) Large breasts that are fun to play with.

2) A woman with large breasts.
1) "Roberta Pedon had a great set of funbags."

2) "I'd like you to meet my date, Funbags. She calls herself 'Shirley'."
by tman September 06, 2004
Also known as breasts, (milk)jugs, hooters, melons, tits, bazookas, boulders, boobs, rack, titties, yams, knockers, tig ol' bitties, bust, mammilla, bosom, hangers, mounds, chest, (dirty)pillows, tata(s), udders, chi chis, nuggs, hills, cones, gonzagas, (sag)bags, misquito bites, lumps, humps, speed bumps, mountains, ant bites, honkers, peaks, nips, rascals, money makers, (sweater/ shirt)puppies, head cushions, norgs, grips, jigglies, bouncin' betties, knobs, chesticles, headlights , diddies, baby feeders, jumblies, the twins, coconuts, fatties, floppers, helicopters, beaver tails, and more.

*Sorry, 59 variations is all I could come up with right away.
I like blowin' my load all over her fun bags!
by J. S. Alexander January 19, 2006
jane has big fun bags
:some guy: Dammnnnn that girl jane got sum big fun bags.
by googlle111 December 12, 2005
a bag of condoms...and lubricants...and other fun things
was wonderin if we could have something from one of your fun bags in a discreet fashion...
by swedishmountaingirl November 03, 2007
Any women with a nice, large breasts you can play with for hours
Look at those fun bags
by Anonymous April 21, 2003

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