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The plastic part of an alcohol bottle at the spurt that controls the flow of alcohol into your mouth.
Nick removed the fun stopper from the bottle so he could chug the Handle more effectively.
by Walter Hopkins IIIIV October 11, 2011
the plastic contraption that is placed inside the tip of liquor bottles to regulate its flow of contents (the fun).

people often remove the funstopper to pour their liquor of choice at a much faster rate, causing a better time for everybody.
Guy 1: Man hurry up and pour those shots!

Guy 2: It won't pour any faster man sorry.

Guy 1: Take the funstopper out first and then the party can really begin!

Guy2: Man you are soo right.
by beerboozebroads December 21, 2011
cops, pigs, filth, the law.
i was shredding a tyre when the fun stoppers rolled up
by serge October 18, 2004

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