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A crappy school, see shithole. In Surrey run by me, yes me. Such teachers as: Moyes, Evershitt, The fat music teacher and Mrs Seldon.

If you wanna blatently diss it I recommend www.fullbrook-sucks.tk
Hello I goto Fulbrook
ROFL Does Seldon sit on your face all day and call it art LMFAO
by Mr Elms December 27, 2003
A Fullbrook is a word used to describe a person who has an obsession with the British band Take That and the TV series Doctor Who, and often wishes the two would combine. If a person is a Fullbrook, then they are also likely to have a turtle fetish and be awkward.
Fullbrook's tend to be pretty cool, but unfortunately are in the habit of getting stuck in shops and falling down holes.
Wow, you must be a Fullbrook!
by missdarlin___ February 24, 2011