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The act of mutually accepted sexual aggression against a female partner you have no regard for, to perform the most vile of sexual acts so they never call or ask for you again. The acts include but are not limited to by any definition of lewd or crued. One must decide the boundries of his own limitations when performing this act. Not for the weak or faint of heart. Must be in fairly average physicial condition to perform task. The objective of the task is to leave the partner with no dignity, morale or self respect of any kind. This act typically ends with a mushroom stamp of approval and a towel or recipients shirt being thrown at them for clean up purposes.
Joe: "Hey man did you take that skank home from the bar last night?"

Mike: "After I got my beer goggles on I laid down a Full Scale Annihilation on her ass!"


Mike: "Yea bro, she'll NEVER call me again!"
by OchoShinka July 12, 2010
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