When a person is hit with a tidal wave of life problems and eventually has a melt down.
Guy - "I have so may exams....Im fukushima'd."

Dude 1 - "Man, I have to pay insurance and rent out of this same paycheck!"

Dude 2 - "Dude, You're so fukushima'd"

Dude 1 - "Yeah. totally fukushima'd"
by Jsanctuary13 March 29, 2011
Top Definition
A 21st century update of FUBAR — where industrial greed, engineering hubris, bureaucratic incompetence, and bad luck combine to make a colossal mess or an industrial clusterfuck.
The town was Fukushima'd when the multinational feedlot spilled 2 million gallons of hog manure into the water supply.
by gremlint March 20, 2011
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