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Noun. Name a famous family of 7 children, that are all full of awesome and are known by many because of their unique "Fuji bus", a 12 seater mini-bus dedicated to their awesomeness.

Fuji is short for Fujihara.

A clan that is a role model to a particularly large community and is appreciated by this particular community too.

Adj. Can be used to describe a large group or amount.
A random woman: "Those Fuji's sure are awesome"
Me: "I'm not sure that there was any reason at all for you to point that out as it's so damn clear that their awesome"
A random woman: "Oh I'm sorry, it's just that I've never met them before and I wanted everyone else to think the same"
Me: "That's ok, apology accepted:)"

Adj. use
You: "That sure is a Fujihara amount of food that you've got there"
Me: "I know and I'm proud of it"
by Awesome fan September 05, 2009
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